Brian Fetherstonhaugh

Executive Coach + Resilience Expert

My mission is to help create the next generation of
highly effective, purposeful, and resilient leaders.

  • Brian brings a lifetime of leadership to developing talent in all realms. And he does it with passion, perspective, humor, and humanity. He’s the real deal. To have Brian as a mentor is a gift for life.

    Shelly LazarusChairman Emeritus, The Ogilvy Group
  • Brian is passionate about ensuring that our leaders are exposed to those often untaught skills of embracing change and managing during adversity. These skills can make or break the survival of a business.

    Norman JaskolkaChairman, Advisory Board, Bensadoun School of Retail Management, McGill University
  • Brian has a genius for seeing patterns, be it in evolutions of people and leaders or in newborn trends. This helps make him a highly collaborative coach and partner.

    PETER SIMSBest-Selling Author and Founder/CEO of The Blacksheep Creative Community
  • Brian has been my boss and life coach from early in my career to my current role as CEO of a global media company. Among many things, he taught me how to set stretch goals and establish a guiding North Star. Brian has had a profound and lasting impact on my career.

    NASREEN MADHANYGlobal CEO, Neo Media World
  • Brian brings wisdom, objectivity and decency to everything he does.
    He is an extremely valuable asset to me and our firm.

    Stu IngisChairman, Venable (Top 50 US Law Firm)
  • Brian has great insights about leadership and careers, but he also appreciates the full context of life. He gave me the best career advice ever: Make room for your passions.

    Dimitri MaexGlobal CEO, Reprise Digital

My Background

I have devoted my 30+ year career to the development of powerful global brands and highly effective global leaders.

I began my career as an entrepreneur. At age 19, I was CEO of the student-run company at McGill University in Montreal, employing over 125 students. I learned the fundamentals of business and brand-building at Procter & Gamble and then enjoyed a long career helping brands become global and digital.

In total I bring over 20 years’ experience as a CEO, including 14 years as the global CEO of The Ogilvy Group’s digital marketing operation. Our superb team helped major brands like IBM, American Express, Nestle, Unilever, IKEA, British Airways and BlackRock Financial Group transform their businesses for the digital world, and were consistently ranked by industry leaders like Gartner, Forrester and the Cannes Creative Festival as one of the top digital agencies in the world.

I later pivoted from brand transformation to talent transformation – as Global Chief People Officer for the Ogilvy Group’s 15,000 person worldwide team and then as Senior Talent Advisor to its parent company, WPP. This experience covered every aspect of talent development, especially leadership development and the future of work.

I love to learn and I love to teach. One of the greatest learning experiences of my life was writing the book The Long View: Career Strategies to Start Strong, Reach High and Go Far, which has been published internationally and excerpted in two Harvard Business Review books. I am a frequent lecturer at top institutions including Columbia, Yale, McGill, Harvard, Vanderbilt, and the MIT Sloan School.

Today, I am the CEO of The Long View Talent Group. I am delighted to have been named to ‘100 Coaches’ – the world’s leading community of experts in leadership development and executive coaching.

My Beliefs

1 –1 – The Long View

When it comes to leadership and careers, the long view matters. Having a good quarter is important. But careers last 40+ years, so the real game for leaders is having enduring impact.

2 –4 – Resilience Needed

The world is desperate for leaders who embrace change and are highly resilient. We cannot control the inevitability and pace of change, but we can proactively develop strategies to increase our energy, positivity and the ability to bounce back from adversity.

3 –2 – Built From The Inside

Leadership must be built from the inside out. It starts with a deep understanding of who you are and what you stand for – – and then is propelled by skills, experiences and relationships that are built to last.

4 –5 – No Leaders Win Alone

Leaders never succeed on their own. The best leaders know how to unlock their full support network of teammates, bosses, mentors, coaches, experts and allies.

5 –3 – Whole Life Context

No one can fix leadership at work without appreciating the whole life context. Addressing non-work issues can often unleash huge improvements in leaders’ effectiveness at work.

My Approach

Executive Coaching Engagements are highly personalized 1-1 programs designed for CEO and aspiring CEO leaders, lasting a minimum of 6 months. The three major stages are:

  • Discovery
  • Leadership Growth Strategy
  • Progress Tracking

The Resilient Leader Training Workshop is designed for groups of rising star leaders within an organization. Workshop topics include:

  • Understanding Your Personal Drivers and Stressors
  • How To Invest Your Time for Maximum Yield
  • Maintaining High Energy and Positivity
  • The Velvet Hammer: Becoming a Strong but Warm Leader
  • Embracing Change + Overcoming Adversity



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My Commitment To You

If we decide to work together, I will pour my heart and soul into your growth and success as a leader. I will draw upon every experience and skill that I have acquired over 30+ combined years as a CEO and leadership coach.

You will always get a world-class answer to your questions. If I don’t know the answer on a particular topic, I will consult a world-class specialist – sometimes including them as guests in our sessions.

Our work together is 100% confidential